Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wall-E Review

For those that may have missed the previews or don't know: Wall-E is a small, domestic robot that was designed to clean up and sort litter and waste. He's been doing it for over seven hundred years, and has developed a very interestingly curious(and somewhat lonely) personality. It seems a great shame to give away much more than that, so I'll leave the summary there.

For those that have seen the previews, you already know that Wall-E features some awesomely realistic landscape visuals and cute robotic voice-acting. What you don't learn from the trailer is that the film is both charming, and genuinely dramatic; two things that are hard to find in a movie these days, and especially together. In fact, I won't lie to you: I was blown away by this story. Everything from the sheer amount of character portrayed in every robot's movements, to the dramatic plot points(which are surprisingly concrete and emotional for a kids' movie).

Wall-E is absolutely everything it's hyped up to be: a philosophical, uplifting, and charmingly memorable adventure. Never before has the phrase "An amazing movie that kids and adults alike can enjoy and appreciate" been so true. Miss out on this film and you are missing out on something real special.

Pros: Awesome visuals. Touching and philosophically insightful storyline. Genuine drama. Undeniably charming voice-acting and robot animations. Beautiful romantic elements. Emotional plot points. Satisfying character arcs and development.

Cons: Certain aspects of the ending are a little hard to believe.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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