Saturday, May 16, 2009

Movie Journal: Spaceballs

When it comes to comedic spoof and parody, who can forget Mel Brooks? He created several undeniably hysterical films in his time, such as History Of The World Part 1 and Young Frankenstein. And Spaceballs.

Of all of Brooks' works, Spaceballs is almost certainly the most popular. Also, it's probably the cheesiest. In this galactic adventure just about every major space-related franchise is almost utterly humiliated, from Star Wars to Planet of the Apes, to even Alien. Shamelessly, too. Still, Spaceballs isn't trying to hurt anyone, it's just trying to share a little fun, and in that it succeeds.

True: it's extremely and unbelievably cheesy. But maybe that's what makes it so memeorable in the first place.

8 out of 10

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