Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Journal: Blade II

What possessed me, you might ask? Well, the first Blade wasn't entirely bad, and Del Toro directed this time around. How bad could it be?

Actually, not that bad. Wesley Snipes again returns as Blade, a daywalking vampire who has taken it upon himself to track and kill other vampires. However, a rather interesting twist occurs when the vampires come to him for help hunting a new threat: a hybrid vampire that feeds off of other vampires. Normally, our hero wouldn't care, but it seems that as soon as all the vampires are gone these creatures will turn to the humans for food, resulting in a worldwide catastrophy.

Blade agrees to group up with a special vampire ops team that has been training to kill him for years. They put aside their differences in order to rid the world of a common and much deadlier enemy.

Blade II is almost monumentally better than the first, but it's almost even more shallow. Blade is an awesome character, and he does awesome things, but most everything else going on plot-wise leaves much to be desired.

6 out of 10

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