Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About "Movie Journal"

You may have noticed some recent articles whose names start with "Movie Journal". This is a new feature on this blog where I will write my own review of pretty much every movie I see. The links to these posts will then be moved to the sidebar titled "Movie Journal". If you look now at the time of this writing, you will see a total of...four movies. But don't worry; I see a lot of movies, and the list will quickly grow, so be sure to check back every so often. Also, from this point on any of my reviews of a movie I see in theaters I will also add to the list of movies in the movie journal.

In addition, every so often I may refer to one of my favorite movies or a movie I've seen before now. So when you see a Movie Journal in the future on a classic must-see like The Godfather, or Casablanca, chances are it is not the first time I've seen it. But rather, unless the post says otherwise, I have either just recently revisited it or just felt I should write about it.

Not to say I've seen every single must-see movie. Lately I've been tracking down tons of movies I've heard alot about and wish to experience myself. The Movie Journal's purpose is to share a bit of that experience with readers and let them know whether or not it was worth it. Seeing as how I will also be chronicling every movie I see in passing as well, I doubt it will be very long before there are a good amount of movies on this list.

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