Friday, July 3, 2009

Movie Journal: Fireproof

Fireproof is one of the very few romantic comedies out there with a plot that, instead of focusing on a particular couple and the circumstances of their coming together, instead revolves around a young and failing marriage, and the struggle of the two members of said marriage(and no, Fool's Gold most certainly does NOT count). The husband, Caleb, as strong and courageous a fireman he is, has steadily lost almost all interest in his wife, Catherine. And trust me when I say that it's worse than you think. The conflict between them builds to a vocal explosion on Caleb's part, leaving Catherine to draw away, her hope all but gone. It's at this point that she seeks out a lawyer for divorce, but not before Caleb's father and friends light a desire inside him to win her back.

Let me pause for a moment here and just say that I really don't care what some people think about this low-budget film's average acting, partly because each actor did an absolutely unbelievable job considering that they were working for free, but also because, quite frankly, the writing, the part that really counts, is so often nothing less than sheer brilliance. Caleb, a Captain of his own fire station, is no stranger to challenge and competition, which is why it's so darn intriguing to watch him try and pursue his wife. Moments such as when he throws his computer out back and begins smashing it with a baseball in order to avoid his temptation of of pornography are not only cute and funny, but also impressively powerful.

Also, in contrast to other such films, the Christian themes ACTUALLY suit the storyline, and bring depth and meaning to the plot in ways I had not previously been able to fathom.

Sherwood Pictures has completely outdone themselves. In fact, if there's a movie to lead to the way for Christianity in the film industry, it's this one. Good Christian movies CAN be done, and this low-budget masterpiece is a true testament to that.

And no, when I compliment the quality of this movie, I'm not just talking about the realm of budget films. This movie is much better than most romantic comedies I've seen this year, and far more enjoyable than Outlander(which is interesting, considering that Fireproof had approximately 1/97th of Outlander's budget).

8 out of 10

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