Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie Journal: Kung Fu Panda

To tell the truth, I initially had every suspicion that this film was all anime spoofs and fart jokes. Turns out, not only is there not a single fart joke, but anime spoofs are kept at a chill minimum. It also turns out that the film's goofy slapstick and quirky humor have somehow managed to compliment the dark and epic themes of the backstory. Who knew?

I didn't, so that was a pleasant surprise. Featuring a great action-oriented plot that stays fresh from beginning to end, Kung Fu Panda is one of the first recent CG animated films I've seen in a while that has truly impressed me.

8 out 10

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Anonymous said...

From the trailers this film looked very rediculous, and having Jack Black in the film was another reason why I didn't want to watch it. But not too long ago I got HBO for free, and watched it, and was very suprised to that I enjoyed it.....ALOT.