Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Movie Journal: Memento

On the day his wife is murdered, a man is injured and wakes up with a case of short-term memory loss. Only able to remember one clear thing(that is, the death of his wife), Leonard is constantly working to track down the killer. Every morning he wakes up in his motel room wondering where exactly he is, and has only bits and pieces of clues to go by that he left for himself to find, such as notes and pictures and tattoos steadily covering his body.

Much like Leonard's disjointed sense of memory, the film's plot manifests itself in bits and pieces of the main character's experiences. Such a plotline is rather hard to characterize. It doesn't really take place in a straightforward and linear fashion, but neither is it nonlinear; rather, the movie shows us every incident in reverse order. Viewers are invited to see for themselves the bizarre things Leonard will never remember he did, let alone understand.

Christopher Nolan writes and directs this masterpiece with true vision. A little tedious to some but gripping to those who enjoy a good psychological thriller, Memento may be the most novel film in said genre ever conceived.

9 out of 10

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